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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Insurance

Georgia Car Insurance

What every driver who lives in Georgia should know about having car insurance and the laws in the state of Georgia


Rental Insurance

An individual who rents a home or apartment should purchase renter's insurance. A landlord's policy covers the structure and not a renter's personal belongings. Before purchasing a policy, a renter should understand the purpose, items covered and cost.



  • Renter's insurance pays to replace a renter's possessions when they are damaged due to specific weather incidents, fire, theft or vandalism. The policy also provides liability coverage if an individual is injured in a policyholder's rental home. If a policyholder's rental unit is uninhabitable, the policy will help pay the costs to live elsewhere.


  • The National Association of Insurance Commissioners states the average policy costs a renter between $15 and $30 a month. Some insurance companies offer discounts to a policyholder who has smoke detectors, a burglar alarm, deadbolt or sprinkler system in the rental home.


Home Owners Insurance 




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